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Still life includes all kinds of objects, man-made or natural, a collection of different things with varying meanings that share the characteristics of having been a significant part in something. It is a celebration of material pleasures or a reminder of their ephemeral nature, an invitation to capture the moment, take time into account and to take care of the moment's brevity.

Jewellery has the unique quality of being portable and wearable and thus an extension of the pleasure. Who doesn't want to have that?

The jewellery by Pernille Mouritzen has been on many wish lists during the years. The end exhibition of the year is gift friendly in the wat that all the pieces are for sale and can be taken directly.
Pernille Mouritzen lives and works as a jewellery artist in Copenhagen.




The joint exhibition by Karin Roy Andersson and Sofia Björkman  was first shown in Paris during the Biennale Émergences and Parcours Bijoux in 2020. After that at Not Quite in Fengersfors this summer 2022. From now there is a chance to see part of it at PLATINA. Works are up in the gallery between October 29 - November 15.

First there was big bang, then about 4 billion years ago life appeared on earth. About 450 million years ago fish started swimming in the oceans and then 250 million years later birds were flying in the skies. Then it took about 200 million years until a gallery for contemporary jewellery opened in Stockholm and 10 years later another one opened in Göteborg. Strangely enough the women behind these galleries, Sofia Björkman and Karin Roy Andersson, independently developed an interest in fish and birds, climate impact, social changes in the society. They both share experiences of how it is to be artists and run galleries. Was it something in the water? Was it something in the air? Or maybe it all happens somewhere in between.



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Artist: Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Karolina Hägg, Magnus Liljedahl, Anders Ljungberg, Bettina Schwalm, Sissi Westerberg, Simon Westling.

What the artists in this project have in common is that they work at Ädellab Jewellery and Corpus at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, and have their artistic practice in Sweden with a range between art and crafts as well as theory with a focus on handicrafts. Besides that, their artistic practices and approaches differ, technical and materialistic, interdi-sciplinary or oriented within a craft field.
To get to know each other's practices, each participant has invited the others to their studio or workshop space to talk about arts and crafts and their artistic work. Each participant hosted a session presenting their practice, while another acted as a discussant and moderator.
On show is the work that has formed the basis of and come out of this project.

With support by Swedish Arts Council


Annika Pettersson - Digital artefacts

The project Digital artefacts, explores museum archives with new production technologies: an artistic investigation of the value and relevance of artefacts in an era of digital manufacturing. The project analyzes 3d-printing technologies as a method to revive museum archived artifacts.

The project's results can be divided into three parts. The first  is a study of the history of jewelry and the story they carry . Specific pieces of jewelry from 1850 to the present at the Swedish National Museum's archives have been examined .

The second part is a practical investigation where the jewelry from the museum's archive is reinterpreted or recreated in today's context . Re-contextualizing an object can make us pause and redefine the object seen with a new set of eyes, breaking a monotonously mundane perception. The result of this part of the project is what will be presented in the exhibition.

In the third part the entire project will be available on a global scale digitally, the digital "open source" culture.

Annika Pettersson is a jewellery artist from Sweden. 2009 she graduated from Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, and is currently based in Sweden and USA.
With support by Swedish Arts Council


Pierce Healy - Memory Maps Part II 

The master engraver Pierce Healy, creates subversive objects and jewellery with intricate engravings and textures. He is fascinated by the capacity of jewellery to embody our stories and to facilitate storytelling, each piece is an experiment driven by curiosity; a study that informs the next piece in perpetuity and combines his obsession with the everyday, with his passion for walking, joking, singing, playing guitar, drawing and hand engraving, to create truly unique handcrafted objects and jewellery. In short, Pierce Healy conjures visual incongruities, manifested as objects and jewellery, in an attempt to make sense of the nonsense of the everyday and to question common values and what is valuable.

Pierce Healy is an artist from Dublin, Ireland. 2012 he graduated from Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden and is since then based in Stockholm.
With support by Swedish Arts Council


5TH OF MAY -  18TH OF JUNE, 2022