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The exhibition is extended until  27th of September
Opening hours the last days Th-Fr 11.00-16.30, Tu-We 12.00-18.00 

Butterfly Licks Finger (1).jpg

The two artists Lisa Walker from Wellington in New Zealand and Mielle Harvey from New York in US met in the 90s while studying jewellery at the arts academy in Munich. Since then, both have had successful practices. Now they are coming to Sweden to exhibit together at PLATINA.

For the exhibition entitled A Moth Climbed Over Her Finger, individual works will be shown, but also works they made in collaboration by sending each other material and unfinished pieces to work on. As for example, Mielle made drawings for Lisa on fabric, which she embroidered and Lisa in turn, sent to Mielle two large sewn and stuffed semi-geometric forms to paint on.

As much as the two artists styles may seem divergent, they have both throughout the years worked with some common themes and convictions, and it is exciting to see the juxtaposition of the bodies of work together. They do share a strong and abiding belief in jewellery as a form of artistic expression. It is not just adornment, but a medium for expression of ideas about life. It is art that reflects on both historical and contemporary work while also addressing themes specific to jewellery. They are questioning ideas about value and preciousness, especially as it pertains to consumer society.


Welcome to walk around in the exhibition. In this 360 virtual show, you can click on the pieces to have a closer look.

Double-click the moving image for full screen. To go back to this page, use the Esc button.


How to navigate around:

- Use the mouse to navigate around. (or finger in your mobile. The show works best in a computer).

- Drag to look around the space.

- When the panorama moves you can stop it by clicking. 

- Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

- Click on the jewellery, drawings, and books throughout the space to see more and get information.

- Enjoy!


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PEARL is an exhibition initially brought together by Caroline Broadhead, Lin Cheung, Melanie Georgacopoulos, Maria Militsi and Frances Wadsworth Jones, through their teaching at the Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Design course in London.

The exhibition included works from the five artists and was shown at SEASON as a part of the London Design Festival 2022.
To the exhibition with the same title at PLATINA in Stockholm, five more artists are invited; Hilde De Decker, Manon Van Kouswijk, Reka Lörinz, Annika Pettersson and Catarina Silva.

The work of the artists spans across different fields and tackles different subject matters, yet they all share a mutual fascination with the pearl. The strength in this group is the diversity of each individuals’ ideas and approaches to a single subject matter.
Their work explores new and innovative ways of working with the pearl, how it can be re- presented, whether that is through the manipulation of the material itself, the form it might take, through referencing its place in cultural history, or, finding imaginative ways in which to reassess its position at the heart of jewellery's system of values.