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Luzia Vogt

Jewellery artist from Swizerland

Hochschule fur Gestaltung Pforzheim, Germany 2000-2004
Exchange studies in Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Canada 2002-2003
Practical training in Tokyo, Japan 2003

Own business in Basel, Switzerland, since 2004

"The found object, a discard from the utilitarian world lays idle awaiting destruction, renewal or metamorphosis. The found object is a reminder of a person's presence, a witness of time. They attract my perception.
Starting points for my work are these found objects and everyday patterns. The alternating process of experimentation and reflection leads me to the final piece. I respond to used everyday objects and fragments with intuition.
I transform these pieces leaving my own traces on them. Comon ways of looking at things and values in society are being questioned.
I am creating new and wearable jewellery. The results are bringing up memories and are playing with the imagination." - Luzia Vogt 2006


Earrings, silver, gold and porcelain

Ring, silver and porcelain

Rings, silver

Ring, silver and stones

Earrings, silver, gold, cirkons

Earrings, silver, gold, rubies

Earrings, quarts and gold

Earrings, amethysts and gold

Earrings, chrysopras and gold


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