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18th February - 27th March 2010

Daydreams integrate with reality.
Shadows separate the night from the day.
Dark and light in need of each other.
We do not trust. We have been told not to.
- Hanna Hedman

Hanna Hedman's jewellery is expressive and full of details. Stories of past eras branched off with everyday life and nature. The grand scale pieces are difficult to define and at the same time irresistible. The dreams seem to be in conjunction with reality.

Most of us agree with the thought of jewellery as adornment and something being beautiful. That jewellery has therapeutic values and heals wounds is something that we don't talk so much about. Beauty may be superficial, but beauty can also relieve, enhance and add value. Through beauty we flee reality and but at the same time with full attendance as we throw ourselves into the spiritual realms of fantasies and emotions. In Hanna Hedman's work the beauty is merged together with the unpleasant and serious. The sharp and gracefully made pieces are multifaceted and have a lot to tell. Like her jewellery built with layer upon layer, we hear stories repeated over and over again.

"I use beauty to get the viewer's attention, but really I want to convey more than just that. Human vulnerability and our underlying defense mechanisms are themes that recur in my artistry."
- says Hanna Hedman

In the exhibition Escape the day we find jewellery from three collections.
"Finding dark matter", 2009
"What you tell is not always what you experienced" 2009
"Enough tears to cry for two" 2008

The title Escape the day is ambiguous. The exhibition is dark, in a dark room and the theme is escapism. Hanna Hedman draws inspiration from historical events far from our daily routines at the same time as she emerges as today's star. No wonder that she hardly sees daylight when she in very short time has conquered the world with her jewellery, which naturally requires maniacal work when the days run into the night.

Sofia Björkman
Platina February 2010.

Hanna Hedman's jewellery is all unique pieces and made by hand with high artistic ambitions.
They have previously been shown in gallery Ornamentum in New York and now in January 2010 at Hnoss in Gothenburg.
Materials: Silver, oxidized silver, powder coated copper, syntetic fibers and paint.

Photo: Sanna Lindberg
Makeup: Ignacio Alonso, Agent Bauer
Models and friends: Beata (Kid of Tomorrow), Andrew N. (Micah), Juan & Igna, Moses, Hanna and Oona.





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