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TOKYO by Luzia Vogt

City Crystals- Utifrån skisser skapar Luzia Vogt städers konturer med hjälp av silverlänkar. Välj byggnad att trä över huvudet och du kan känna hur det känns att befinna dig mitt i en av världens största städer!

Tillgängliga städer är Tokyo, Montreal, New York och Halifax

Out from drawings Luzia Vogt creates big cities with silverchains. Select a building, put it over your head and you can get the feeling of beeing in the middle of the worls biggest cities!

Available are the city crystals Tokyo, Montréal, New York and Halifax.

"I am drawing skylines especially of my preferred skyscrapers from my own photographs. Using symmetries I create compact drawings. I call these drawings city crystals. They look similar to panoramas. I let an illusion of the reality arise through composition of the perceived section of my surrounding. The results resemble crystal formations, grown structures, which stand for themselves. The final drawings serve as patterns for the construction with flat chains. The blackened silver chains resemble drawn lines. The city crystals turn out to be wearable drawings." - Luzia Vogt






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