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Janna Syvänoja is a jewellery artist from Finland. She received her MFA from University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki 1993. Since then she has been exhibitiing frequently and are represented in a large number of private and public collections. Janna Synänoja has aslso received several grants and awards such as Torsten and Wanja Söderbergs Prize 2004 and Prins Eugen Medal Stockholm 2012.

"The process of making my jewellery pieces out of recycled paper, involves a slow, "natural" technique. By curving each slice of paper around the steelwire, one by one, one after another, it is as if the piece grows into its shape by itself. This way the character of wood, paper's original material, is preserved in the piece - as is also the association to the whole organic world, the way it builds itself, being in constant change, traveling in time. Printed paper has also an additional reality, the information it contains. Now, one can only see separate words and letters, that have been transformed into graphical patterns on the surface of the piece. The previous content of the material referred to communication between people - message and expression. A piece of jewellery is worn for the same purpose." - Janna Syvänoja

Necklace 2017


Earlier work, necklace and brooch:




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