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Artemis Valsamaki

Artemis Valsamaki is a jewellery artist based in Athens, Greece.
1999-2002: Graduation from Mokume Silversmithing and Jewellery Design School
1996-1999: BA in Design from Vakalo School, Department of Graphics Design



Copper, silver, acrylic.
Mimesis derives from a Greek word which means to imitate. A reference to the people and their tendency
to imitate others. To become or behave like someone else rather than yourself. Animals have the same
tendency but only as means of survival. A lion copies a lion becomes a monkey (Victor Hugo).


Dirty little secrets
Copper, silver, acrylic.
A reference to the secrets people take with them when they die, accompanied by the feeling of freedom.
Secrets so deeply hidden, vansih before the last gasp.

Tell me lies
Copper, silver, acrylic.
A story about a girl that becomes a woman.
The end of innocence. The transition from one phase to the next and the seek of freedom from family ties.





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